Ready Unity environments

Creating your next project you often look for inspiration, ready ideas or you simply don’t have time to create scenery. Thanks to our products you are able to use a unique world suitable to every game just in few minutes. We create Unity environments - not only old fashioned buildings, but also colourful towns and modern, futuristic interiors.


ścieżka piaszczysta

Shaders and textures

Sometimes the only thing the world needs to become ideal is a bit of magic. Sometimes it’s enough to have a texture that will give the geometric figures a bit of expression, but sometimes there’s a need to make a better impression. If you create a dense forest, for example, then except for vegetation, rocks and animals you need at least some wind. There’s nothing more easy. It’s enough to add a proper shader and everything will happen on its own. Numerous configuration possibilities allow for creating slight gusts as well as extreme gales.


Landscape elements

The world of the story you create is not just characters and buildings. It’s all surrounded by vegetation, rocks, small architecture, bridges or fences. These details give your game the value and make it look more vivid. Choose one of many ready sets of landscape elements - bundle and fill your game with appealing details every player will appreciate.


Elementy środowiska
Środowisko villagers

3D characters models

Do you create a race game and need some audience? Or work on a strategy game and need inhabitants? Are you lacking in time for arduous modelling a big number of characters? Use our ready 3D character models and save many hours of your working time. The characters we offer are in many styles, both modern and from the past.