Huge projects from the paid area of Emaceart available on the Asset Store are the mine of ideas for you, your project, your movie. All now available at the lower price!

These projects are mainly huge areas you can be inspired by, based on the numerous micro locations, but also learn your work organisation. That's not all. The packs are also 3D models libraries you can lose yourself in forever. There are hundreds or even thousands of props in each pack.

These assets were used in the complexed universes ready to be observed and implemented. The universes from the sets are optimized and ready to use in your own production, also the commercial one. The licence allows it.

Checkout on the Asset Store, itch.io and cgtrader.

ścieżka piaszczysta


Harboria pack allows for creating an unusually original game. You can send your player into a dingy harbour area, brutalist industrial place or tourist district and the inhabitants of your world can live in colourful houses. Thanks to modular architectural elements of your world you can create an original ravishing town free of architectural geometry.

The pack includes demo scene, thousands of tiny props, which will complement your environment with outstanding details. The set also includes ready characters, which can be ordered separately.

Watch Video Trailer: https://youtu.be/-CVTf2XpqaI
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It’s 80’s Retro adventure in the best style. It’s a huge and ambitious project developed and updated within a year.

Thanks to modular architectural elements and a huge library of old school, you'll create a unique game world in the 80s’ atmosphere, the producers of movies and games come back more and more eagerly. Thanks to ready biomes and modular assets, the project guarantees the convenience of video or games creation. The project includes demo scene and postprocessing profiles. 

The price is getting higher with each update, so hurry up- buy it now and get new free add ons together with all updates. 

Watch Video Trailer: https://youtu.be/7bg5AVU_7ro
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Elementy środowiska
Środowisko villagers

Polyvania - strongly stylized project, for the most creative ones

You won't believe how a common environment can be tweaked and what can finally be obtained. If, however, Polyvania seems not that screwy and you are looking for something original, check “The Plasticine World” and  find out that reality, which you haven't seen  before, can be created out of it.
Getting back to Polyvania, it can be joined with “Necropoly”, which is a part of a series of “misshapen worlds” - projects that suit each other. Polyvania is a strongly stylized universum in Tim Burton’s style. You’ll find peculiar assets in this world, like tomb cash dispenser or phone booth with prickles.

Watch Video Trailer: https://youtu.be/fJi2s7Ydz2w
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